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Omaha's Most Trusted Dog Training

Patience, Care, and Compassion
Every dog has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every dog needs to be trained differently. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to train a young puppy, or an older dog, you need expert guidance to effectively train your four-legged friend. If you love your dog, you can count on Dillon's Dog Training to train your dog with love and compassion.

Service Dog Training
There is a great demand for Service Dogs at reasonable prices!  Most dog training programs buy pure bred puppies and take years to train them.  Russ works with the family to pick out a dog that will fit their needs from local rescues and shelters.  After picking out the right dog Russ takes them and trains them for the families specific needs.  Because the training is specific to the families needs the training is faster and less expensive.  After training them Russ works with the families to make sure there is a smooth transition and the dog is working correctly for the family.  Russ has had success training Autistic Dogs, Psychiatric Dogs, Companion Dogs, P.T.S.D. Dogs, Service Dogs, and Diabetic Alert Dogs.

Dillon's Dog Training is proud to offer:

  • Diabetic Alert Dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Basic and/or advanced canine obedience training
  • Service dogs
  • P.T.S.D dogs
  • House breaking (Puppies and older dogs)
  • Veteran service dog classes
  • Dog training supplies
  • Train the trainer (classes forming)
  • Barking, chewing, digging resolution
  • Aggression management
  • Private lessons
  • Separation anxiety

Heads Up Hounds News Clips

Dillon's Dog Training is affiliated with Heads up Hounds. Heads up Hounds uses the methodology and training principles that Russ Dillon has developed over his years of training. Russ advises Heads up Hounds on training methods and sees that every dog is trained correctly and to the highest standards. The same standards that the military uses for it's explosive and narcotic detector dogs are applied to every service dog that Dillon's Dog Training and Heads Up Hounds trains.

Program Makes Service Dogs More Affordable

Metro Woman Trains Shelter Dogs to Save Lives

Shelter Dogs Trained as Diabetic Alert Canines

Humane Society Dogs Trained as Diabetic Alert Dogs

Heads Up Hounds in L Magazine

A Christmas Dream Come True for a Lincoln Teen

Until There's A Cure... There's a Dog

Man trains dogs to help disabled veterans return to their feet

Located at:
5058 S. 107th St,
Omaha, NE

*Please note: Contact us by phone or by e-mail to set up an evaluation.  We work with a lot of dogs that have severe issues.  I will not be able to evaluate your dog unless you have an appointment.  Also, there are some trainers in the Omaha area that claim that we have worked together and use my training system.  Please contact us for a list of trainers we have worked with.  Thank you!

In-Home Dog Training Information:
(402) 699-2840

Service Dogs and All Other Inquiries:
(402) 502-5289

 (402) 502-6689

ntact us for pricing information. Free house breaking advice available by phone!



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